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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Law of Nature

William Penn was born in London in 1644 and died in 1718. A great advocate of religious tolerance he took part in both religion and politics. One of his sayings is as follows:

Let the people think they govern and they will be governed.

William Penn said this on the basis of his study of history. But this is not something related only to history, it is, in fact, a universal law of nature. It is established by God himself according to His own creation plan. This natural law set by the Almighty God has been described in these words in the Quran:

We alternate these days among mankind. (3:140)

By days here is meant the day of victory and defeat, of domination and subjugation. In this world just as everything else is for the purposes of test, so is political power. That is why it is granted to each group by turns, so that every group could be tested. In this world the state of domination and power is for test just as the state of subjugation and submission.

What is required from man is that when he is granted power he should not suffer from the psychology of pride and arrogance. And when man finds himself in a state of subjugation he should not fall prey to negative psychology. Either of the states should be acceptable to man as a matter of divine ordainment. In both the states man’s eyes should be set on shouldering his own responsibilities rather than on the right or wrong attitude adopted by others.

This is a belief of great informative influence, which keeps people away from political activities of negative nature. It enables men to save their capabilities from being wasted, and always engage themselves in beneficial and result-oriented actions. The loss of power is from God. Protesting against it is to protest against God. And is there anyone who can succeed in his protest against God?

Source: Simple Wisdom

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