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Books for Dawah

  What Dawah books mean to Muslims

Quran Online’s mission is to spread a universal divine message to every willing listener. That is why we distribute the Quran, books for Dawah, and other Islamic books. It’s all part of our responsibility to be good global citizens and to be an ambassador for our shared faith.
We don’t just supply Dawah books, we also educate people. We believe that when you understand what Dawah is, you’ll be eager to participate. So, what does Dawah mean? It’s not a tool to convert, and it’s certainly not in any way violent. For us, it means spreading God’s message to those with open hearts and minds.      

At Quran Online, we encourage people to explore their faith and how it guides their daily life. Not everyone will pursue Dawah in the same way, and for those exploring their faith, we provide useful resources.

We are here to support you on your exploration of Dawah, and have a number of free and affordable materials to guide your thoughts. Here are just a few benefits of pursuing Dawah:

1. It can bring you God’s blessings
Dawah is deeply rewarding for you, the caller, and for anyone who should heed the call. Those who invest in this spiritual work will create positive vibes around themselves, and more easily generate trust and authenticity in their words. Furthermore, you will more easily find ways to connect to the people in the world around you.

2. It improves your knowledge of Islam
The more you prepare to share a divine message, the more you will understand that message yourself. This spiritual knowledge not only makes you a better teacher, but a better follower of the good life.

3. It is an obligation
Dawah is an obligation every Muslim must meet. Consider it to be a debt that you must pay, for the blessings that God and life have bestowed upon you. As you carry it out, you pay your debt and make yourself worthy of those great blessings.
When you’re in the hereafter, it’s too late to do work for Dawah. Now is the time to sow the seeds so you can harvest its fruits at the end of your life. Our materials are here to help get you started today. To purchase books for Dawah today, you can chat with us, fill out our online contact form, or shoot us an email.

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