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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

How CPS Quran & Book distribution is making a difference!!

The Quran is the Book of God. It has been preserved in its entirety for all time to come. The Quran is apparently in the Arabic language, but in reality, it is in the language of the nature, that is, the language in which God directly addressed all human beings at the time of Creation. This divine invocation of humanity is ever-present in the consciousness of all human beings, that is why the Quran is universally understandable—to some on a conscious plane, and to others at the subconscious level. This reality has been described in the Quran as ‘clear revelations in the hearts of those who have been given knowledge.

CPS USA Team, a sister company of CPS Global have been distributing Quran since 2009, and during this course of time, they have recognized the greater need of the Quran, and supporting material in USA. The Quran requests by our brothers and sisters of different faiths have increased since 2020 from 30-50 copies to 500 copies per month. As Muslim communities grew, new mosques and Islamic centered were built by the Muslims in each state and county. In NY/NJ/Tri state alone there are more than 275 mosques, Texas has more than 300 mosques, CA has more than 200.

CPS USA, inspired by the renowned scholar of Quran and Prophetic wisdom Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, have already distributed 3 million copies of the Quran since 2009. CPS-USA is one of the largest distributor of Quran in USA in several languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Hebrew and translations up to 40 languages. The mission of CPS USA is to reach every corner of the world with the translation of their language. The translations of Quran are being shipped to Brazil, Turkey, New Zealand, Israel, Middle East, Malaysia and Africa in large numbers and the new requests are continuously growing.

Why CPS-USA is enthusiastic to Convey the Message of God to the seekers of Truth?

When a person develops true love for God, a new emergence takes place in their life. He/She then devotes themselves entirely to God's work, which is to convey to people the message of God. People are unaware of God's existence and His creation plan for them. Their lives are marred with tension and depression and most are suffering due to lack of spirituality. They need hope and build relationship to God . We have to start awareness by conveying them the message of the Quran. The Prophet had said on the occasion of the last Hajj: 'God has sent me for all mankind, so convey God's message to all people on my behalf.' The Companions of the Prophet then spread out in the world they knew. They left their homeland even though they did not know the language of the people. There were no roads for travel , nor any hotels as they exist today. The Companions sacrificed their comfort and homeland just for this cause solely because of their love of God.

During the time of Caliph Umar, a group of Companions went to Iran where the Persian leader asked them their reason for coming. They replied: 'God has sent us so that we direct people from the worship of humans to the worship of God.' The discovery of God had made them fearless and inspired them to move out of their lands despite of the various hardships. One such person was Uqba ibn Nafe who left Damascus to Asia and then reached the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There he stood with his horse and cried out: 'O God, had I known that there are people on the other side of this Ocean, I would have crossed into the waters and reached out to those people so that they did not remain unaware of You.' It was this zeal that drove these people to convey the message of God to all around them, and as a result of their efforts the Muslim world came into existence.

Would you be our partner in committing yourself to distribute God's message to the people in every corner of the world?

Lets join hands and start this journey together.

Would you please donate generously to fulfil the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and all the Prophets? as they had the same mission! The blessed month of Ramadan is around the corner, & what a way to start the month by sponsoring Monthly distribution of the Quran!!

CPSUSA/ is 501C3 entity. You will receive your tax deductible charity receipt.

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