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Understand The Tenants of Islam in Simple Modern English

The Western world has many misconceptions about Islam that we would love to change. In pursuit of this goal, we offer the Quran in simple modern English. It doesn’t take a degree in theology to grasp; it is easy to read and understand. 

However, this translation of the Quran is just one aspect of our outreach among many. We want the greater world, including the West, to be able to appreciate the tenants of Islam as we understand them.

Islam is meant to uphold peace because it can only thrive in a peaceful atmosphere. It is an immutable fact that nothing can be achieved through violence. War and conflict are deeply contrary to our belief in peace being summum bonum.

It is the core belief of our founder, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, that non-violence is the only method to achieve success for our goals. For us, Islam means bringing disparate communities together to prevent conflict, without supression or intimidation.                                                   
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Quran Online if you would like to know more about these beliefs and more. It can be surprising and refreshing to hear from a perspective you are not used to.

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