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Islamic Books

  Important teachings from Islamic Books

Quran Online is an organization that supplies the Quran and other books on Islam. We do this not to preach or pressure, but to show everyone the divine message and what it means for the lives of all who hear it. We carry those teachings out to the world through all media, including our web sites. They simply help you live a better, more fulfilling life.

For instance, no matter what you may have achieved in life, you are ultimately no greater than any other human being. God alone is the great one. It is best to purge yourself of pride, arrogance, and hot temperament. Instead, embrace humility, modesty, and tolerance in the way you conduct yourself around others.
Similarly, you will not gain spiritual salvation and fulfillment through financial means. If you make accumulation of wealth your main goal, you will find yourself torn away from the principles of good living. The root cause of the evil of corruption is materialism, and greed is against the law of nature.

Instead, you should always look for opportunities to help people without expecting anything in return. Giving and loving are among life’s greatest joys, and every global citizen should contribute, whether Muslim or not.

To order the Quran and other books on Islam, contact us anytime. We would be pleased to help you find personal revelation and satisfaction.

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