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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

What is Dawah Work?

Dawah work has been termed in the Quran ‘the call to God.’ In other words, dawah work aims at bringing people closer to their Creator and Sustainer. Calling people to God is telling them that the only right way of life for them on this earth is to become true believers in God.

Calling people to God means warning man of the evil consequences of the self-oriented life, and therefore, inviting him to adopt the God-oriented life. The most authentic and reliable source of knowledge of the divine teachings on both types of life has been preserved for us in the form of the Quran. Calling people to God is purely other-worldly in nature. That is, it is in no way directly associated with national, social or economic issues. It is a campaign to call people to God. It starts in the spiritual and religious idiom and goes on in the same idiom and style till the end.

The mission of calling people to God is, in essence, a divine task, which is performed by human beings. It is important that it should be performed in a spiritual way. Any work done in a non-spiritual way will not be a genuine call to God, even if it is done in His name.

Dawah work aims at directing their attention neither to politics nor to national issues. It is unequivocally the task of making people focus on God and must, therefore, be performed in the correct spirit.

Primarily, its purpose is to acquaint man with the creation plan of God. He should be told what his relationship with God is, and how God is going to deal with him in future. In other words, this is like introducing man to God. Its objective is to awaken man from his slumber, cause him to realize his servitude and incline him to turn towards God.

Dawah or ‘calling people to God’ is to make man capable of bonding directly with his Lord, so that he starts receiving God’s blessings on a spiritual level. It is thus that his heart and mind will become illuminated by God’s light. His entire being will be bathed in the shower of God’s blessings.

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