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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Scientific Exegesis of the Quran

There are certain people who think that all the subjects of

science are discoverable in the Quran and that with reference

to the relevant verses, a scientific exegesis of the Quran may

be written. In this matter there are some who have gone to

the extent of claiming, for example, that this verse, “Have We

not lifted up your heart” (94:1) is a reference to the science of anatomy, or that the verse, “Now We have removed your veil,

so your sight today is sharp” (50:22), relates to diseases of the eyes, etc.

This theory about the inclusion of scientific subjects in

the Quran is, without doubt, baseless. In this sense, the Quran

is far from being a book of science. But in a quite different

respect we can rightly say that modern scientific research is

conducive to a proper understanding of the Quran.

For instance, the Quran states: “We have made every

living thing out of water.” (21:30) In previous times, a reader

of the Quran would have understood this in a general sense,

but when the modern reader of the Quran reads these verses

in the light of new scientific discoveries, he understands this

statement in physical detail. His conviction in the veracity of

the Quran thus increases to a great extent.

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