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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Your donations will ensure a copy of Quran to the hands of each Seekers of Truth.

Consider Donating to this cause:

Christopher Horn, California

Comments : I want to read and study Quran. Lately Islamic teachings have been resonating with me although i was raised catholic in Hispanic household

Angelica Phillips, Texas

Comments : I am looking to study and understand Quran. I'm considering converting.

Lisa Fish, Michigan

Comments : Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am teaching young girls about Islam and also learning about it myself. I really appreciate it your donations of Quran.

Tricia Pythic, Chaplin, New York

Comments: We are headquartered in Canton NY. We have relationships with prisons across the country and if we were provided subsidized Qurans we could distribute them to these prisoners.

William Stevenson, North Carolina

Comments : I already believe in the LORD God, All-Mighty, of Abraham - I want to be able to study the Word and any Holy-Spirit inspired writings. There seem to be many similarities between Islam and other Abrahamic religions and I'd love to have my eyes opened to new perspectives. Blessings upon you my Brothers/Sisters in Christ.

Todd Humphrey, Vermont

Comments : I would like a Quran if I can obtain this book, or secondly a Quran with Allah printed in it instead of Lord God. I will make a donation if it's acceptable. Thank you.

Marcus Ishmael, Indiana

Comments : I thank God Allah for CPS international distributing Qurans. Thanks.

Damon Perry, Florida

Comments : I am currently in treatment for drugs. I want to get closer to God with the hopes that I can use that to help me stay clean. Thanks for sending Quran to me.

Nathan Farrar Ohio

Comments : I have been watching the videos of a sheikh Wahiduddin online and have become very interested in Islam and the word of God, I would like a physical Quran to read for myself.

Matthew Samson, Pennsylvania

Comments: Very interesting in learning more about God

Brandan Lindsey, Texas

Comments : I felt like God wanted me to read the Quran.

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