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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Law of Balance

Now let us examine this divine law. In the words of the Qur’an it is the law of balance: “He raised the heaven on high and set the balance, that you might not transgress the balance. Give just weight and full measure.”

The universe is not composed of just one item. It is rather a collection of highly disparate elements. Besides this, each and every one of its components is in motion. Not a single constituent, from the minutest atom to the most gigantic galaxy, can ever for a second remain static. For the precise functioning of this infinitely complex assemblage of moving components, limits in space and time had to be applied so that the different parts did not come into conflict with each other. God, therefore — besides creating all these things — established a systematic balance between them. This principle is known as the “Law of Nature.”

Similarly, in the human world — also a vast assemblage of disparate individuals — everyone is in motion. And in order that each should continue on his life’s journey without colliding with his fellow men, it was likewise necessary to establish boundaries, both moral and physical, for all human beings without exception: a balance had to be struck so that there should be no clash between individuals or societies. It is, indeed, this law of nature which has been revealed to humanity through the medium of the prophets. God’s will on this subject is recorded in the Qur’an: “We have sent our Messengers with clear signs and brought down with them scriptures and the scales of justice so that men might deal with fairness

That is to say that God sent a balance of justice in the form of a book through His prophets. This book was supported by arguments and evidence so that people could believe in its authenticity and would not hesitate to order their lives according to this balance, that is, the just law. While the law of balance is inherent in the rest of creation, for man, it has been provided externally through the revelations of this divine book

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