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The Creation Plan of God

A western philosopher has written that it appears that man is a

strange creature in this vast universe. It seems that neither man is

made for this world, nor this world is made for man. Man and the

Universe both seem to be a mismatch for each other.

Man is born with unlimited potentials. But in this present world,

he finds only a very limited use of his potentials. Man, according to

his nature desires to have an eternal life but very soon death arrives

without his permission and finishes him off on a unilateral basis. Man

carries unlimited desires within him, but these desires of his are never


World of dream is cherished by every man but these dreams are

never realized. In this matter, there is no difference between the

poor or rich, the big or the small. In the words of the philosopher

mentioned above it seems that man has come to a world which was

not made for him.

Why is man and the present world, are not in accord with each

other? To find the answer of this question, we have to know the

Creation Plan of God. This question arose due to unawareness of the

creation plan only by knowing the creation plan of God we can arrive

at a convincing answer.

The reality is that God—the Creator of man, has created man

according to His plan. To become acquainted with this plan is

necessary for a man to have a thorough understanding of himself—just

as the workings of a machine can only be understood when we study

the drawings of the engineer who made it. Without the knowledge

of engineer’s plan, nothing else can clarify the significance of that

machine. Same is the case with man. The creator of the man has

created him under a special plan. The plan is that man has to spend a

trial period in this present non-idealistic world, and after this, according

to his deeds, he earns his right to inhabit the ideal world, another

name of which is “Paradise”.

The present world is a trial world. Here, any man and

woman, to prove their worthiness for an entry into paradise,

has two great parts: to acknowledge the truth and a disciplined

life. Any man or woman who qualify themselves fully in this

test, shall find a place in the ideal world of paradise. And those

who fail in this test shall spent their lives in eternal deprivation.

Are We Completely Free?

Man finds himself completely free in this present world, but

this freedom is not as his right instead it is a test paper for every

one. What Man has to do is that without any pressure applied

to him he acknowledges the truth. Without any compulsion

he surrenders before the truth. He restricts his freedom by his

own choice. To surrender oneself before the truth is without

doubt the greatest sacrifice for any man. To acknowledge the

truth is, apparently, to make oneself smaller as compared to

others but this is the thing which shall gives man the highest

position. It will guarantee his entrance into paradise.

In this connection, the second important thing is a

disciplined life. Generally, man’s character is molded by his

emotions—anger, revenge, jealousy, hatred, rivalry etc. These

are negative perceptions which shape up the personality

of a man. But a man should opt for a life of principle. He

should not build his character under the influence of external

incentives, rather his character should be based on principles.

He, of his own will power must shape up his personality in the

lights of sublime principles. This is the thing which is known

as heavenly character.

Man has been created under the plan of creation. Man is

the most noble creature of this entire universe. The existence

of man is such a unique existence that no other example can

be found in this vast universe. Man is rightly called as the most

superior of the created beings. That is, the best and most

meaningful being among all the created things.

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