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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Companions of the Prophet

The Companions of the Prophet—the Sahabah—stand alongside him in history just as they stood alongside him during his lifetime, for they were the ones selected by God to assist His messenger. They joined with him in seeing his divine mission through to its proper conclusion. As ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ud said: “God chose them to accompany His Prophet, and to establish his religion.” Let us take a look at a few of the outstanding qualities of the Companions, which gave them their place in history.


One of the qualities of the Companions described in the Quran was their attachment to the Faith.1 Of this, love is the ultimate expression; it is the highest feeling we can have for something; it replaces all else in our thoughts. Our attitude towards the beloved is something instinctive. We know what to do and what not to do, because real feeling has developed for the object of our love. Its joys and sorrows become our own. This was the intensity of feeling that the Companions had for Islam. They rejoiced in the success of their faith as a father rejoices when his son is successful. When Islam received a setback, they would not rest until they had redressed it.

When one associates oneself with a cause—as the Companions did with Islam—one needs no telling about what one’s attitude should be. Heartfelt enthusiasm shows the way. One is willing to give everything for it and place its interest above all else. Our losses on its behalf then become our gains, and there can be no feeling of the diminution of our personal worth in the face of its claims. The difficulties we encounter in its espousal are easily surmounted because of the fervor with which we are imbued.

There was nothing extraordinary or supernatural about the Companions. They were human beings like any other. What made them stand out from the rest of mankind was that the feeling of true love, which most people feel only for themselves, was felt by them for the faith of Islam. They built for the future of Islam as normal people build for their own personal futures. Just as people put all their energy and wealth into the pursuit of their own interests, so did they put their all into the pursuit of Islamic interests. It was the depth of their attachment to Islam, which enabled them to establish the supremacy of the Faith.

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