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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Age of Higher Discovery of God

Prophet’s Companion Abu Dhar Ghifari once narrated: “Even when a bird would flutter its wings in the air, the Prophet of Islam would remind us of some knowledge.” (At-Tabaqat alKubra, v. 2, p. 354)

Without doubt, the flight of the bird in the air is a great sign of the power of God. In ancient times, this sign of divine power could be understood only by way of mysterious belief, but today it can be understood as a scientific reality. Now, in the age of science, we can say that today when an airplane flies in the air from one place to another, it requires a complicated mechanism external to the airplane, at the point of take-off, as well as at the point of landing.

Without this, no airplane can fly from one place to another. But a bird does not require any external infrastructure to fly through the air. It flies from one place and lands at another place by gliding through the air on its own. This is without doubt a great sign of the power of the Lord of the Worlds.

In modern times, scientific progress has made a great contribution to the lives of millions. This great role it has played has given us a new framework within which to understand the reality of things. Thanks to this scientific framework, it has become possible for what was earlier understood only as something mysterious, to be understood now on a rationally accepted base. This change in the times has opened up a limitless field of discovering God’s wisdom, or attaining a high level of God-realization.

This modern scientific age was predicted in the Quran in the seventh century in these words: “We shall show them Our signs in the Universe and within themselves, until it becomes clear to them that this is the Truth.” (41:53)

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