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Taking Setbacks As Challenges

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

MUSLIMS profess to be beset by myriad of problems, the foremost among them has been their inability to be realistic in their approach. This issue demanded an immediate remedy. The remedy is still eluding Muslims.

When it comes to the state of Muslims in India, it has been my firm opinion that India is thriving with opportunities for Muslims to progress. There is no dearth of possibilities for Muslims to live as an honorable, prosperous and advanced community. Yet, their state of mind has unnecessarily created all manner of problems for them. It is nothing more or less than their own lack of realism. If Muslims could just become realistic in their approach, nothing could stand in the way of their betterment.

Whatever the grimness of the events, this verse of the Quran offers great hope:

“You may hate a thing although it is good for you.” (2: 216)

This verse unambiguously states that even in the seemingly very disturbing situation, a great fortune lies hidden.

What is this great fortune? It is the necessity it creates for adopting a very realistic approach. The greatest secret of success in the world is the ability to think and act realistically. Human nature itself inclines man to realism. The so-called Muslim leaders, however, have misled Muslims by their emotionalism and superficiality. Now, the outcome of their almost two centuries of struggles has made their incompetence as clear as daylight. Nevertheless, now Muslims have started to realize that they need to free themselves from the unhealthy influence of their misguided leaders. They must chart a course of action in accordance with nature, the Quran, and the example set by the Prophet.

The Prophet of Islam was the most realistic person in history.

That is why his success was the greatest ever achieved by anyone. The present situation has brought Muslims to a point where they will of themselves become realistic. And this new turn to their lives is certainly the greatest guarantee of success and progress.

The whole system of the earth and the heavens is based on reality. Man too can succeed in this world simply by conceding to this reality. It would be a matter of great contentment if Muslims could now discover this secret, which is the sure ladder to success.

‘Many a small group, by God’s command has prevailed against a large group. God is indeed with the steadfast.’ (2: 249) This verse of the Quran shows that if a minority group is facing challenges at the hands of a powerful majority, there is nothing in this for them to feel depressed or frustrated about. This should be looked upon as one of the God-given opportunities for the weaker group. This challenge provides impetus to the minority to re-plan, work even harder and achieve its goals.

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