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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Ray of Hope

A certain highly educated Indian Muslim man completed his formal education and shifted to London, where he is now based. In terms of his thinking, you could call him ‘ultra secular’. He doesn’t believe in Islam or any other religion and lives a completely ‘free’ sort of life.

This man has now become old and his health isn’t at all good. Witnessing people die, he thinks that he, too, will die in the same way. He now eagerly wants to know what happens to

people after death.

Once they grow old, many people who have lived a ‘free’ life like this man begin to fear what the future might have in store for them after they die. They never cared about this question when they were young, but now that they are old, the realization that they might die at any moment and the fear of what awaits them after that begins to haunt them.

Once, a wealthy old man requested a religious preacher to meet him. His apprehension about his impending death had begun to trouble him. “You see,” he said to the preacher, “I

am an old man. Life has lost all meaning. I am ready to take a fateful leap into the unknown. Young man, can you give me a ray of hope?”

To such a questioner, it can only be said that the reliable means to know what happens after death is the Quran. No human being knows what is going to happen after death. But God, our Creator, definitely does, and He has explained this fully in the Quran.

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