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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Prepare for the Coming Day

Suppose one day a human being suddenly crawled out from a cave in some remote mountain. On seeing this, people would be astonished! They’d wonder how this happened. They’d think it was some sort of miracle.

Now, consider this fact: a human being—a little child— crawls out of his mother’s womb and comes into the world. But even though this is as astounding a happening as a man emerging from a cave in the mountains, people don’t find it surprising at all. Why this difference?

The reason for this is that a child being born from its mother’s womb is something that happens every day. People are so used to it that they don’t think it is remarkable at all. They simply take it for granted. But if they seriously reflect on this phenomenon, they could be led to discover from it the existence of God, the Creator of all life. If we deeply ponder on the birth of a living, conscious human being from its mother’s womb, we can begin to understand that every human being is a living introduction to the Creator.

When a child is born on Earth, there is a complete life-support system in place here already for it. This system is so perfect that without paying anything for it the child has access to all that it needs to live. All its needs, big and small, are taken care of, and that too in a perfect manner. From the Earth to the Sun, everything in the world, you could say, is busy serving a human being.

After having spent some time on Earth, one day we suddenly die. A person desires eternal life but, generally in less than 100 years, he dies. Against his will, he leaves this world forever. Every person who has taken birth on Earth experiences two things. One is birth, and the other is death.

We are placed here on Earth for a relatively short period, not as some sort of reward but, rather, for a test. In this present world, an individual feels that he is free. But this freedom is on account of the test that he is undergoing all through his life here. A complete record is being maintained about who used this freedom properly and who misused it, about who led a principled life and who didn’t care at all about principles. Death is the day when this test gets over and man receives the result of his test from the Creator.

A human being is eternal. But human life is divided into two periods: the pre-death period, and the post-death period. The pre-death period of our life is for the purpose of being tested. The post-death period of our life is when we receive and experience the result of the test we had undergone—in the form of reward or punishment, depending on our record.

Today, a person finds himself in this world as a living, conscious being. Death is the moment when this living, conscious being is taken out from this temporary world and transferred towards the next, eternal, world. This enormously serious moment will compulsorily appear before every person, one day or the other. With death, a person will find that he has been separated from all the things that he was earlier surrounded with. Behind him is the world that he has left forever. In front of him is the world where he has to live forever. Wise is one who prepares himself for this coming day

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