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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Prayer for All

You know that these days we have been placed under lockdown. I believe this is a blessing for us. All of us have an opportunity to introspect ourselves. We have a chance to pray for the progress of our country and for further strengthening harmony between communities. In normal circumstances, people are so busy that they think very less for their country. But these days we have a very good opportunity to think about the progress of our country, pray to God for our country and pray for the people of our country. May God help us to become better citizens of our country. This is our duty, and these days we have a chance to understand this duty all the more. I pray to God to make all of us duty-conscious. We must follow the orders of the government, we should know the directions given by the government and observe them properly. In this lies the secret to the progress and development of our country.

It is my habit to pray to God. These days I have a greater opportunity to pray for myself, my companions and my country. This is what we all have to do. Most importantly, in this situation the guidelines given by the government should be followed most sedulously. May God help us become good citizens of the country and may we help the country achieve progress. May God help us to spread goodness in this country. The Quran is a book of peace. There is a verse of the Quran: “And God calls to the Home of Peace.” (10:25) This means that the purpose of the Quran is to make the world a world of peace, that there should be brotherhood among people and that people should follow the law and guidelines set by their government. This is my prayer. I pray to God to make us good citizens of this country.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

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