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Make Your Life Count

Often, high achievers who set out ambitious goals get entrapped in the sense of not having ‘enough time’ to see through the culmination of their achievements.

Despite working relentlessly to contribute, this sense of ‘losing’ time renders them sorrowful. There is only one way to deal with this angst: to comprehend the role one can play in the uplift of human civilization.

The average life expectancy of man is around 70 years. In this short span of time, man first identifies a goal for himself and then strives to accomplish it. His journey receives setbacks on account of failures, illness or death. The only way to overcome these setbacks is to become cognizant of the journey of human civilization and the role one can play in its progress.

The edifice of civilization was built brick by brick, over centuries of human existence. Each learning, innovation and discovery contributed to its development.

Man must identify his role as a contributor in this journey and work towards playing his part. Any far-reaching change in history follows a series of contributions made by the preceding generations.

Human life is a unique amalgam of all kinds of experiences, highs and lows, achievements and hardships.

What he experiences builds the character of a man, just as achievements should make him modest, the hardships should make him resilient and strong.

A wise man plans realistically in keeping with the resources he has. Ultimately, man must remember that his life is a one-time gift, he must strive to discover his purpose and make this chance count.

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