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Love for Humanity

Everyone knows that the greatest credit goes to his parents in the building of his life. In this respect everyone keeps praising his parents. But such men and women are hard to find who know that the whole of humanity has played a part in the building of their lives. In this matter if parents play just one percent part, the general humanity plays 99% part. But no one knows

this reality, no one acknowledges it.

For instance when you eat bread, your parent’s role in this is less than 1%, while the role of the humanity in general is that of 99%. For, over a long civilization process spanning thousands of years, it has become possible that a person may discover bread, as we know

it today, and make it as his food. The same is the case of other things, for instance, clothes, houses, transport, machines, industries, etc.

The truth is that the things one possesses, one part of it is the direct gift, while the other part is the indirect gift. If the direct gift is akin to the tip of the iceberg then the indirect gift is akin to the iceberg. The indirect gift, apparently, is not visible but in its quantity it is much more than the direct gift. People know only the direct gift, that is why they are able to give very little

thanks, they are not able to acknowledge as is due.

Had they known the benefit of the indirect gift, their gratitude and acknowledgement will increase. They will start loving the whole humanity just like they love their parents.

The greatest form of worship for a person is to offer abundant gratefulness and abundant acknowledgement, but the person who is unaware of this reality will remain deprived of the worship of abundant thanksgiving and abundant acknowledgement.

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