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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Leading a Godless Life - Living for an Immediate Gain

Living for an Immediate Gain

A God-Oriented life is one in which a person discovers God, the Lord of the universe, in such a way that God becomes a part of his life. He starts sleeping with the remembrance of God, and wakes up with the remembrance of God. In a world created by God, he becomes a godly person. Everything in the world reminds him of God. In contrast, a godless life is one in which a person is born into this world, but he never used his intellect to discover his Creator. He is busy with his "today" or unconscious present time, but he does not discover the purpose of his life.

It is my experience that if we talk about Muslim empowerment, everyone will listen with interest. This topic will soon garner public support. Everyone would want to play their part in the cause of Muslim empowerment. On the contrary, if we talk about God and the Hereafter, we will suddenly feel that people’s interest has waned. People would start behaving in such a manner as if it were an irrelevant subject. People will listen to the speeches of Muslim empowerment as if it were their own case. On the other hand, people will listen to the speeches centered on God and the Hereafter as if they have nothing to do with it.

The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that people in the present age are running towards worldly attainments. In the case of the world, they live in the psychology of multiplicity and abundance, not in the psychology of contentment. This is the real problem of the present age. This is the reason why there are a lot of gatherings and processions in the name of Islam in the present times, but from the point of view of real Islam, there is nothing really worthwhile. There is a flurry of external forms among the people, but in terms of spirit, it is missing everywhere. This is stated in a Hadith thus: Their mosques are full of people, but devoid of guidance. (Shuab ul-Iman lil-Bayhaqi)

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