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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


Leading Towards Success If the earth did not revolve around the sun, its existence would have no meaning, and life would come to an end. Just as the earth revolves around the sun, in man’s life, all his activities must revolve around God. The God-oriented life begins with the discovery of God. When an individual discovers God, it means that he has found the truth. And this truth pervades his whole being filling him with everlasting conviction. Conviction removes all frustrations from a person’s life. Therefore, losses no longer matter; he never loses the feeling that his greatest asset, God, is still with him. God is a spiritual focus for man. One whose heart is attached to God undergoes spiritual experiences at every moment. Belief in God becomes a source of spiritual development. Filled with the love of God, he does not need anything further. In the form of spiritual awakening, he receives such great wealth that he does not feel the need for anything else. The God-oriented life for man starts by his remembering God. He begins to feel the presence of God. Everything serves to remind him of God. God’s remembrance is never absent from his heart and mind. God is a spiritual focus for man. One whose heart is attached to God undergoes spiritual experiences at every moment. Man experiences this realization by pondering upon God’s creations. The truth is that the universe is an expression of God’s attributes. It is a complete introduction to God. God is visible in His creations. For one who discovers God, the entire universe becomes an open book of God for him. Every leaf of a tree becomes a page of the divine book. Finding God is to find his center of love. Man by birth is a seeker of a Supreme Being who is far above him; who is free from all limitations and who may form the center of his feelings. The discovery of God is to fulfill one’s real urge to find this Supreme Being. Man, of his own free will, should surrender to God. He should build a life based on the concept of God. This consciousness is the real ascension of man. In this consciousness lies the secret of all success. The concept of God provides man with an ideology in which loss is turned to gain and adversity brings with it good tidings. Therefore submission to God is the only way of life for both man and the universe.

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