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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Diversity as Divine Plan of God

Failure to understand and accept Diversity as Divine Plan of God will be a great loss for entire humanity. All those "knowledgeable" people who are in a position to influence the masses and yet, the play ‘race-card’ or ‘white-skin-card’ will be answerable.

Quran is very clear about the Divine Plan of Diversity!

Another of His signs is that He created the heavens and earth,

and the diversity of your languages and colors. There truly are

signs in this for those who know.

The Romans 30:22

The present world is the one in which one has to discover reality amidst falsity.

Here, one has to set oneself above things that are deceptive in order to perceive

the Truth. Men and women have been given wisdom solely for this purpose. Only one who

properly uses this divine torch of wisdom shall find the right path, while one who

does not, shall descend into a state of moral chaos.

To all appearances, this is a world of multiplicity. Basing their belief on this view,

the people of ancient times assumed the creators of all the numerous things of this

world to be numerous themselves. But one who deeply observes nature finds that

a certain uniformity is hidden in all its apparent multiplicity and diversity; this

observation gives an entirely different hue to previous assumptions.

There are many different kinds of plants & animals. But, an in-depth study shows that the

underlying biological system of all plants & animals is uniform. Given these facts, the

multiplicity and diversity of life around us must be regarded as a miracle of nature’s

creation. Things which, seen from one angle, appear to manifest the multiplicity

of creation, observed from another angle, demonstrate the proof of the unity of

creation, and same goes with all human-kinds.

When we understand this phenomenon of diversity in all Creations of God, we are able to value the differences in our lives and use our differences to inspire our education, learning and achieving greater and bigger goals together.

We are seeing greater challenges in our lives which are threatening our existence, for example Global warming and many other issues, which can only be addressed by working together. The individuals can be inspired by the power of diversity to work on different angles to achieve smaller goals which can lead to bigger successes.

Source: Tazkirul Quran

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