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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Death and God’s Creation Plan

Our world is based on the principle of pairs. Here, everything is found in pairs—for instance, electrons and protons, male animals and female animals, men and women. In the same way, the world itself is part of a pair. This pair consists of this temporary, imperfect world, on the one hand, and an eternal, perfect world, which is called Paradise, on the other.

Paradise is an ideal world, free of all limitations. In Paradise, all of a person’s hopes and aspirations will be fulfilled.

But only some selected people will be given admission to this perfect world, on the basis of merit. Without the necessary merit, no one will be able to enter Paradise. This is part of God’s creation plan.

The present world is an initial and temporary part of this creation plan. In accordance with this plan, this world has been made as a selection ground. Here, people take birth in this world so that it can be seen who among them is qualified to be settled in the perfect world of Paradise. Those who qualify for entry into Paradise will be settled permanently in that perfect world. And all the rest will be considered a rejected lot,

On what basis will this selection of people take place? According to the creation plan of the Creator, the basis for this selection is just one—and that is, how a person used the freedom that he was blessed with while living in the present world. The way that one used this freedom, that human beings alone have been given, is the criterion for deciding every person’s eternal future after death.

The person who saves himself from the negative conditioning of his environment and who spends the pre-death phase of his life in accordance with the Creator’s instructions alone qualifies for admission into Paradise after death.

In the present world, every person is in a continuous state of test. In accordance with God’s creation plan, a detailed record of every person is continuously being prepared. On the basis of this record, God will decide the eternal future of every person after death. On the Day of Judgment, some people will be settled in eternal Paradise, while the rest will be consigned to Hell. Conditions tell us that this day has now come very near. The final hour has now arrived when a person should awake and prepare himself.

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