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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Avail Your Morning Time

Today I woke up in the morning and remembered a hadith. According to this hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah: “God always descends very close to the earth early in the morning. He calls out: ‘Is there a person who has a need which I can fulfil? Who is it that seeks forgiveness so that I forgive him?’” (Musnad Ahmad 9591)

I have been pondering over this hadith since a very long time. Today I suddenly realized that this hadith is meant in the symbolic sense. It does not mean that God comes close to the earth. It is our belief that God Almighty is present everywhere, every moment. He listens all the time. This hadith must be understood in this context.

What is the meaning of every morning? The morning time is special. One receives inspiration at this time. The morning time is very unique. It is a lovely morning time every day. A person wakes up in the morning. He is very fresh. On the other hand, the air is pure of pollution. This is the best time for a person. His mind is fresh. He feels a new preparedness. This is a time for receiving inspiration. If we are aware, alive and well prepared, we will receive this inspiration. Otherwise we will not.

The hadith tells us that God calls out: “Is there a person in need which I can fulfil?” What does this mean? At that time a person is in a position to completely accept divine inspiration.

When I woke up in the morning and sat outside, I saw the sun rising in the sky. It was a lovely morning. The natural scene was very inspiring. A fresh breeze was blowing. It was free of pollution. It reminds us of God’s bounty of oxygen which is available everywhere. Without this oxygen, we cannot survive. The birds start chirping in the morning. The birds have a divine sound. The birds with their chirruping, the wind with its breeze, the sun with its sunlight remind us: “O man, You have a Creator!” At that time, we are very well prepared to ask from God. The birds with their chirruping, the wind with its breeze containing oxygen, the sun with its sunlight – all remind us.

But it is strange that people remain asleep in the morning. This is a moment to wake up and not remain asleep. This is a time to re-plan for your life. Refresh your purpose. Engage in introspection (muhasabah). You should think what you couldn’t do yesterday and what must be done today. Morning time is very important and must be availed.

Since childhood, I used to get up very early in the morning and go beside a river in my village to sit and think. I used to be all alone. The time is very favourable. My mind is alive at that time. I repeated this habit when I moved to the city and also during my journeys. I continue to do this to this day.

The morning time is a high kind of namaz, or prayer. The Quran says: “The recitation at dawn is indeed witnessed.” (17:78) We have the opportunity to welcome a new day with an open mind. All this happens in the morning. You can either pray, read or study. This is the best time to work. We can introspect in the morning and understand what we lost or gained the day before. This should be our daily routine.

I believe that those who lose their morning, lose their entire day. In my experience, in the morning a person can have new discoveries and new ideas. It is not because God literally descends on earth. Rather, your mind is fresh and well prepared in the morning. You are in a position to utilize the morning time properly to receive inspiration from God.

I pray to God to help us to utilize the morning time. We should take it as an opportunity and avail of it. Morning time is the best opportunity for us. Although the world is the same, but our mind is fresh and in a position to understand matters better. I pray to God to help us to avail the morning time.

Morning time is a universal library for you, or a universal reading room. You should avail of this universal library and reading room.

Question and Answer Session

Q1. When we try to connect with God we don’t get the spiritual feeling we should. How to maintain a spiritual connection and feeling when we remember God? Please advise.

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