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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Muhammad (peace be upon him), The Ideal Character

The meaning and purpose of life for the Prophet after he had made this discovery are clearly set forth in his sayings:

To fear God openly and secretly in every state,

To follow justice whether calm or angry,

To practice moderation whether rich or poor,

To reunite my sundered friendships,

To give to him who takes away,

To gladly pardon my oppressors,

And seek the silent ways of meditation,

To utter words in God’s remembrance.

And look around me knowledge to acquire.

These sublime thoughts and poignant utterances could not be those of an empty man. They externalize his inner being and are a clear indication of his moral stature. In these words his whole life is reflected. Even before the dawn of Prophethood, the Prophet’s life had followed such a pattern, but it had been instinctive and without deliberation. Now the discovery of truth lent discernment to his attitudes and behavior, and what had formerly been inherent in him now became a well conceived part and product of profound thinking. There was now an intensified awareness in all his thoughts and actions. The exigencies of worldly life having been reduced to the barest minimum, his living assumed an entirely different pattern from that of his fellow men. In bodily appearance he lived in this world, but, spiritually, he was on a different plane.

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