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What Should Be My Attitude To Enter Heaven?

Before the advent of Islam, there lived a person in Arabia who was very generous. The Prophet of Islam was once asked if this person would go to Paradise? The Prophet replied, "No, he would not because he never asked for it."(Sahih Muslim, hadith no. 214)

It must be clarified that the Creator is not doing mass distribution of the ticket to Paradise. A person will not be settled in Paradise irrespective of whether or not he desired so. This is sheer underestimation of the Creator and His neighborhood.

One needs to first become extremely desirous of Paradise to gain entry to the list of those who can be considered deserving candidates for the eternal heavenly abode.

This is the attitude one needs to develop in the first place. Those who want to enter Paradise need to develop the kind of personality which yearns and aims for Paradise in the true sense of word and all their efforts should thus be directed toward the achievement of this one goal.

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