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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Important Role of a Woman

THERE IS A maxim which says: There is a woman at the beginning of all great things.

One example in this case is that of Nancy Alwa Edison, the mother of Thomas Alwa Edison, (d. 1931) the famous scientist whose discoveries in science number more than a 1000. It was Nancy Edison, a school teacher, who worked hard to add the name of Thomas Edison to the list of the world’s greatest scientists.

Edison’s hearing was impaired from birth. He could not hear properly, and was thus expelled from school. But his mother was not one to give up easily. She took the responsibility of educating her son and home-schooled him, arranging for all his educational requirements. Edison acknowledged the role of his mother in his life: “She instilled in me the love and the purpose of learning.”

Everyone can be like Edison’s mother. Every woman is endowed with the capacity to play this role, provided she understands the abilities God has given her, and utilizes them determinedly. However, the greatest quality required for this job is patience. The capability is created by the Creator, but the price of patience has to be paid by the person concerned. A woman who can pay this price can play a great role, just like Edison’s mother.

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