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Managing Controversy

The Quran says, “Let them not dispute with you in the matter.” This verse would mean, ‘Do not give others a chance to dispute with you.’ That is, ‘You should not enter into disputes.’

The verse actually indicates, ‘You should manage the dispute in the very beginning before it degenerates into a full-fledged controversy.’ We need to solve a controversial issue only by way of peaceful management. In 628 AD, the Prophet and his companions left Madinah and traveled to Makkah to offer pilgrimage to the Kabah.

When they arrived at Hudaybiyah, some miles away from Makkah, the group was stopped by their Makkan opponents. The leader of the opponents refused to let the Prophet enter Makkah. The tradition was to fight a battle. On the contrary, the Prophet engaged in negotiations with the opposite side for about 15 days.

Finally, a peace pact was concluded that laid down that the Prophet would return to Madinah without performing pilgrimage. The Prophet and his companions accepted this condition and returned to Madinah.

The treaty of Hudaybiyah has been referred to in the Quran as a ‘clear victory’ (48:1).

This means that in God’s eyes;

An issue should not be allowed to escalate into a dispute and controversy, rather be resolved beforehand through wise management and a non-controversial approach.

Muslims all over the world, including Indian Muslims, should follow this principle: whenever there is a controversial issue, do not allow it to become a large-scale conflict, rather defuse it and finish it off in its initial stages.

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